Where will this project be located?

A: We have purchased properties in Old Strathcona just a block north of the Strathcona Centre Community League.

What size is this development going to be?

A: We expect to build 26 units with underground parking and develop about 4000 square feet of common area. Our building includes 1-, 2-, 3-, and one 4-bedroom unit.

When will building begin?

A: We hope to break ground late 2018.

When can I move in?

A: We hope to be ready for occupancy spring of 2020.

What will it cost to buy into this project?

A: We will know more about cost when we have finalized our design. Because we will build using energy efficient technology and because we plan to incorporate about 4000 square feet of common area, individual units will cost more per square foot than comparable condos in the area. Please contact us for costs on the units we have available.

Why is there so much common area?

A: Developing and maintaining social connectedness is a cornerstone of the cohousing model. Cohousing communities share meals and other activities on a regular basis. Our common area will include a kitchen and dining/social area. Other shared facilities may include a playroom and/or a recreation room, a workshop, and guestrooms.

What about my unit? How big will that be?

A: Traditionally, individual cohousing units are smaller than comparable new developments. This is because members have access to large and useful common areas. Please contact us for sizes of available units.

What if I want to host a private dinner or event for my family or friends?

A: Our common area can be reserved for personal use of members.

Will I build equity if I buy into the project?

A: Yes, absolutely. Your suite is your property. However, if at some point you decide to sell, membership in the Urban Green Cohousing community is a prerequisite for purchasing a unit in this project.

How do I get more information?

A: Please feel free to email us at hello (at) urban greencohousing.ca for more information.

We will add you to our “Friends of Urban Green” email list so you will receive our newsletter and be informed of upcoming events.

How do I join?

A: First, we invite you to get in touch with us by emailing hello (at) urbangreencohousing (dot) ca. We will then add you to our “Friends of Urban Green” email list so you can receive our newsletter and learn when we have events. We then invite you to come to our events to get to know us, as cohousing is primarily about relationships. After coming to an event, you can fill out an application to become a Prospective Member. You can read more about our membership process under the headline “Get Involved”.

Are there other cohousing communities in Alberta?

A: Yes. Please refer to www.cohousing.ca for more information.