Vision and Values

URBAN     •     GREEN     •     COMMUNITY

Our Vision

We are an inclusive, intentional community committed to knowing and supporting our neighbours and to contributing to an environmentally and socially sustainable community in Edmonton’s urban core.

Our Values


We consider ‘urban’ to mean a vibrant core neighbourhood near the city centre where we can work and play as close to home as possible. Amenities such as schools, markets, grocery stores, libraries and public transit are a short walk from home. We believe mixed land uses—residential, recreational, commercial—and mixed density are conducive to an animated street life and to healthy community living.


We consider ‘green’ to mean living in an environmentally responsible manner. We value a walkable neighbourhood and shared amenities. We have more bicycles than cars in our parking area. Gardening reminds us of our connection to the earth. Our buildings are energy-efficient and sustainable. We recognise that we and our environment belong to the same ecosystem. Ultimately, we reduce our footprint on the earth by living in cohousing.


We consider ‘community’ to mean a group of people who share common spaces and experiences. As individuals and as a community, we value intentional engagement with our own community and the broader community. We welcome diversity. Building on shared values, we hope to create an environment where all community members feel included, valued and safe and where we can support each other through the stages, challenges and celebrations of life.